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Primary FAQ

  • How does your tutoring methodology work?

    We see every student that walks through our doors as a unique individual with specific learning capabilities that can be auditory, visual, kinesthetic, or experiential. Our first job is to find out what learning methods are most effective with each student through a series of assessments, short questionnaires. Our academic coordinator then works with the student to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Continual assessment of the student’s performance helps us tweak the study approach for maximum academic results.

    At SciMath, we work with each student as a team to maintain results. Parental involvement also plays a key part in our overall strategy for the success of each student.

  • What is your strategy for hiring teachers?

    We select our teachers both on the basis of their teaching experience, their familiarity with SciMath’s teaching methodology, as well as the comfort level and rapport they create with our students. After a preliminary interview and necessary background checks, we ask the teacher to take a sample class for our students. The feedback we get back from our students plays an important role in the final decision we make.

  • What grade levels and subjects do you tutor?

    We provide tutoring for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, English, Business & Economics

    The curriculum and grades we support are:

    IGCSE — IGCSE/GCE — 8th, 9th, 10th, A levels

    IB — IBPD

    CBSE/ ICSE — 1st to 12th

  • How many hours of tutoring do you recommend in a month?

    Each student has different tutoring needs. However, on an average, we recommend a minimum of 2 classes per week supplemented by exercise sheets and extra activities that the students can complete on their own. If our academic coordinator assesses that a student needs more attention, we recommend a higher number of hours.

  • How effective is tutoring for children?

    Children learn and acquire skills through repetition. The more they are exposed to concepts through varied mediums such as books, videos, classes, quizzes, puzzles, etc, the more they recollect. Children who undergo tutoring are often able to supplement the missing pieces from regular school easily. Therefore, their performance and confidence level while attending exams is higher.

Other questions

  • What equipment do we need?

    Regular stationary used during study is all you will need. In the event of a pandemic lockdown, a computer with a webcam, an adequate broadband connection, and a headset is recommended for online classes.

  • How do you determine the progress of your students?

    We send parents detailed monthly student assessment reports. Also, we hold regular parent-teacher meetings once in 2 months for further discussions. Parents are free to contact the academic coordinator anytime to discuss their child’s progress.

  • How can parents assist their children in studies?

    Parents can support their children by providing them a distraction-free study environment. Parents can also keep themselves updated about their child’s tutoring schedule and ensure that the student’s reach the tuition centre on time for their class.

    In the case of an online class, parents can ensure that students have all the equipment ready for the online class 5 minutes before the scheduled class.

  • How early should we register for an intensive revision program?

    Parents can get in touch with the academic coordinator at least two weeks before the scheduled intensive revision program starts to ensure that their child gets the attention they need.

  • What kind of teaching resources do you use?
    We use in-house question banks, notes and assessments developed from years of research. It's highly customized as per students needs so it's a dynamic process, where we keep updating our learning resources based on student needs.