Meet the Team

Sareena Sabeena
Msc Physics, B Ed

Physics Tutor

She has over 14 years of experience teaching physics in Secondary and higher secondary level . Her concept based teaching method helps her students to meet the challenges in the subject. She is especially skilled at effective question drillings to  prepare her students to meet the competitiveness of the examination.

She has also been presented with an award for her outstanding teaching skills by Pearson Edexcel International. 


Arzeen Ansar

BTech Biotechnology, MA Counselling.

Biology and Chemistry Tutor

 She has a teaching experience of over 10 years, ranging from various syllabuses including IGCSE, GCE and IB. She specializes in teaching biology and chemistry for secondary and higher secondary.

Her skill at simplifying complex concepts to more easy to understand ones enables students to grasp them faster and better.

Part Time Tutors


We also have a delightful and dedicated group of part-time tutors who are also well qualified and experienced, for all the subjects we teach

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